Business process outsourcing

Jul 30, 2015

Getting Fit as You Work at Your Desk All Day

Spring is around the corner, soon the heavy layers of clothing are going to have to come off. For those who keep irregular working hours and […]
Jul 29, 2015

What business processes can be outsourced?

Running a business is a full time occupation. There is no time for holidays and time off, if you don’t put in the hours, no one […]
Jul 27, 2015

BPO Increases Productivity in the Work Place

Motivated by a highly effective Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) plan, we aim to keep the standards of professionalism, excellence and reliability at a constant high. At […]
Jul 21, 2015

Getting to the root of unproductivity at work

Ever suspected that some of your employees or team players could do more than they are currently doing? Ever wondered why they are struggling to get […]
Jul 20, 2015


Spring is lurking in the near distance. You might think we’re pushing it a little by saying that we can feel the temperature rising, but honestly, […]
Jul 15, 2015

Whoops – said the call centre agent.

Every call centre has its good days. In fact most days are probably logged under the “good” category. But as with any industry there are bound […]
Jul 14, 2015

3 Services Small Business Should Outsource

Outsourcing can be a very helpful timesaving and money saving strategy for a company. Many large enterprises have come to rely on it, and even those […]
Jul 8, 2015

How technology has changed the Face of BPO

The business process outsourcing industry also known as the BPO industry has been providing businesses with great solutions to help them cut on operational costs for […]
Jul 3, 2015

3 Jobs You Did Not Know Could be Outsourced

Companies turn to outsourcing when they don’t have enough people to complete certain tasks or when they want to free up time so that their employees […]