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Heritage Day at Outworx 2019 By Jamie Marimuthu

Heritage Day is a proudly South African celebration that is commemorated every year on the 24th of September, since the nation embraced democracy in 1994. The […]

Make a Great Impression on Your Clients with Call Answering Services

Enjoy Excellent Value with Professional Call Answering Services When it comes to delivering a superior contact centre experience to your clients, only the very best will […]

How Cheap Calls to South Africa Can Help Grow Your Business

Take Your Company to the Next Level with Cheap Calls to South Africa Many global companies outsource their call centre needs to South Africa, and with […]

Keep Your Eye on the Ball and Outsource Your Back Office Management

Streamline Your Business Processes and Outsource Your Back Office Management Some business owners are unsure whether they relinquish control of their companies and accounts when outsourcing […]

Benefit from Outsourcing Your Telephone Answering Services and Needs

Make the Best Impression with Professional Telephone Answering Services For many businesses, their first and perhaps only chance to make an impression on their clients is […]

When You Opt for BPM, Do You Lose Control of Your Business Processes?

What Do BPM Services Entail for Your Business? Companies of all shapes and sizes are outsourcing their business processes to third party businesses in order for […]

Use South African Call Centres as a Viable Alternative to UK Call Centres

South African Call Centres Can Rival UK Call Centres UK call centres are renowned for their professionalism and for providing service in celebrated neutral English accents […]

Harness the Full Power of BPO Services in Your Business

Here’s How Your Business Can Benefit from BPO Services More and more companies are using BPO services to their advantage. They’ve realised that business process outsource […]

How Can Business Process Outsourcing Help Your Business?

Here’s How Business Process Outsourcing Will Benefit Your Operations More and more companies are identifying the great benefits and advantages of deploying business process outsourcing services. […]

Learn Why South African Call Centres Are Rivalling UK Call Centres in Popularity

South Africa Is Rivalling UK Call Centres in Popularity UK call centres have a great reputation for their professionalism and universal appeal due to the neutral […]

Outsource Back Office Needs and Streamline Your Operations

Here’s How Outsourcing Your Back Office Needs Can Benefit Your Company Outsourcing your back office needs doesn’t mean you’re relinquishing control of your company. Instead, you […]

Get More Done with Expert BPO Services and Solutions

Maximise Your Workforce by Utilising Available BPO Services and Solutions Outsourcing your business processes can be a great way of maximising your available human resources. It […]

Harness the Full Benefit and Value of Outsourced Call Centre Services

Enjoy Excellent Value from Working with Top Outsourced Call Centre Solutions For many companies, their call centre is the one and only direct point of direct […]

What Is Outsourcing, and Other Questions About Outsourcing Answered

Just What Is Outsourcing? Here’s What Your Company Needs to Know Many companies are waking up to the great benefits and advantages that outsourced business processes […]

How Can Outsourcing Business Process Management Benefit Your Business?

Here Is How Your Company Stands to Benefit from Outsourced Business Process Management More and more companies are turning to outsourced business process management in order […]

Provide Your Clients with a Satisfying Contact Centre Experience

Outsource Your Contact Centre Needs and Deliver a World Class Experience Outsourcing your contact centre could be one of the smartest business decisions you make this […]

Benefit from Outsourcing Your Call Centre Needs to Cheap Call Centres in South Africa

Work with Top Professional and Cheap Call Centres in South Africa for Excellent Results You definitely don’t have to accept inferior service just because you opt […]

Here’s Why Your Business Needs Professional Call Answering Services

Benefit from Working with the Best Call Answering Services Available For many companies, their one and only chance to directly interact with their clients is through […]

Project a Professional Image with Expert Phone Answering Services

Here’s Why Your Business Should Hire Professional Phone Answering Services There are many reasons why companies are outsourcing their phone answering services needs. For one, small […]

Here’s How Business Process Outsourcing Will Help You Grow Your Business

Take Your Business Into the Future with Business Process Outsourcing Solutions More and more businesses across the economic spectrum are turning to expert business process outsourcing […]

Take Your Business Forward with Professional BPO Services

Enjoy Access to Cutting Edge BPO Services, and Make It Work for Your Business When it comes to choosing BPO services, you need to know that […]

Outsource Your BPO Needs to Seasoned Professionals

Here’s Why It Pays to Outsource Your BPO Needs to Experts In today’s economic climate, more companies are starting to consider BPO as a viable way […]

Provide Your Customers with the UK Call Centre Experience They Deserve

Use Professional UK Call Centres to Provide Great Customer Care Many companies believe that only UK call centres are able to live up to the high […]

Use Your Call Centre to its Fullest Extent and Make Sure It Delivers a Professional Experience

Invest in a Professional Call Centre Experience for Your Customers There is little room for error when it comes to customer service these days. If you […]

Grow Your Business with Expert Telephone Answering Services

Enjoy the Benefits of Having Access to Professional Telephone Answering Services When it comes to providing your customers with a great customer service experience, there is […]

Take Your Business Into the Future with a Professional Contact Centre Experience

Partner with Expert Contact Centre Experts to Deliver a Great Customer Experience Many businesses only have their phone experiences to provide customer service to their clients. […]

Here’s How UK Call Centres Can Help Your Business Make a Great Impression

Learn More About the Benefits of Working with Expert UK Call Centres There’s no reason why you need to work with subpar UK call centres when […]

Take Your Business Into the Future with Expert Outsourced Business Process Management

Here’s Why Your Business Needs Expertly Administered Business Process Management What is your second most valuable asset, aside from your team? It’s your time. Don’t you […]

Here’s Just What Is Outsourcing, and Why Your Business Should Care

Learn Just What Is Outsourcing, and How Your Company Can Benefit from It More and more businesses are asking the question of just what is outsourcing? […]

South Africa Rivals UK Call Centres with Ease

Enjoy the Benefits of Working with Call Centres that Can Rival UK Call Centres More and more companies in search of the excellence of UK call […]

Stand Out from the Crowd with Expert Phone Answering Services

Make a Great First Impression with Expert Phone Answering Services For many companies, their one and only direct interaction with their customers and clients comes through […]

Enjoy Excellent Value for Money with BPO Services, and Enjoy Peace of Mind

Looking to Benefit from BPO Services? Here Is why it Might Just Be What Your Business Needs Engaging BPO services doesn’t mean you need to give […]

How Can Professional Call Answering Services Add Value to Your Company?

Here’s How Expert Call Answering Services Is of Value to Your Business For many businesses, the one and only chance they have to interact with and […]

Here’s Why Your Business Should Be Using BPO Solutions Today

Benefit from Expert BPO Solutions for Your Business – Right Now Many companies opt for expert BPO solutions, as a way to free up their employees’ […]

Learn How a BPO Centre Can Help You Take Your Business Into the Future

Professional BPO Centre Lets You Concentrate On the Big Picture More and more businesses of all shapes and sizes, and from across the economic spectrum are […]

Here’s How Outsourcing Your Back Office Tasks Can Add Tangible Value to Your Business

Why Your Business Needs to Outsource Its Back Office Tasks More and more companies are identifying the value of outsourcing their back office tasks to third […]

Here’s How You Can Find Viable Alternatives to UK Call Centres

Choose Your Alternative to UK Call Centres with Care When it comes to choosing an alternative to UK call centres in South Africa, you need to […]

Benefit from Professional Telephone Answering Services

Get More from Expert Telephone Answering Services Businesses of all shapes and sizes are investing in outsourced telephone answering services, for various reasons. They are enjoying […]

Benefit from Expertly Outsourced Call Centre Solutions

Here’s How Your Business Will Benefit from Outsourced Call Centre Solutions More and more businesses of all shapes and sizes, and from across the economic spectrum, […]

How Can Business Process Management Benefit Your Business?

Here’s How You Can Stay Ahead of the Curve with Expert Business Process Management Solutions In today’s increasingly competitive and volatile economy, companies face intensified competition […]

Great Advantages of Modern BPO Services, and How Your Company Can Benefit from It

Here’s How Modern BPO Services Can Benefit Your Business Today When it comes to BPO services, don’t think of outsourcing as what you can subtract to […]

What Is Outsourcing, and How Can It Help Your Business?

What Is Outsourcing, and Why Should Your Business Care? Many business owners still erroneously think that outsourcing is just about saving money. While it’s a component […]

Here’s Why Your Company Need Business Process Outsourcing

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Business Process Outsourcing More and more businesses of all shapes and sizes, and from every corner of the economic spectrum […]

Your Business Needs BPO Services – Here’s Why

Here’s How Your Company Can Benefit from Expert BPO Services When you consider outsourcing in your business, don’t view it as what you can subtract from […]

Here’s Why Your Company Needs Professional Call Answering Services

Don’t Settle – Choose The Best Call Answering Services for Your Business Many companies only have one chance to make a good impression on their clients, […]

Let Us Take Care of The Details with Professional BPO Services

More and more companies of all shapes and sizes are investing in outsourced BPO services as a business management strategy. These services are designed to help […]

Stand Out from Your Competitors with Professional Call Answering Services

For many companies, the one and only chance to directly communicate with their clients is through telephone services. It’s because of this that you simply need […]

Why It Pays to Let A Professional Company Take Care of Your Back Office Needs

A company’s back office is an important and vital aspect of its overall management. However, these are not income generating tasks. Your management and senior team […]

Why Your Business Needs A Professional Contact Centre

For many companies, their contact centre is the first and perhaps only direct contact their customers will have with them. It’s because of this, among many […]

Why Your Business Needs Business Process Management from Outworx

Why your business needs business process management from Outworx Many companies are turning towards outsourced business process management to achieve their business goals. At Outworx, we’ve […]

What It Takes To Be the Leading Contact Centre in the Southern Hemisphere

We have what it takes to be your contact centre  Being the largest South African owned international contact centre specialising in the European and Southern Hemisphere insurance […]

Just What Is Outsourcing, and Why Should You Care About It?

Many companies are still unsure as to what is outsourcing, and how it can benefit them. Outsourcing has grown beyond the initial cost-cutting service of the […]

Why Business Process Outsourcing Makes Sense for Modern Companies

In order to maintain their market competitiveness, more and more companies than ever are starting to look at business process outsourcing. Outsourcing has gone beyond the […]

Why Businesses Want To Use UK Call Centre Companies

For many businesses, the only direct contact their customers have with them is through their contact centres. This just further compounds the importance of providing customers […]

Deliver the Great Phone Answering Services Your Customers Expect

In order to remain competitive today, you need more than merely superior products or services. In fact, the days of being able to effectively compete and […]

What Is Outsourcing, and Why Should Your Company Care?

More and more businesses across different sectors of the economy, and of all shapes and sizes are opting to outsource core business processes, to free up […]

What Is The Deal with Business Process Outsourcing?

While many companies acknowledge the importance of their business processes, management teams are unable to dedicate a lot of their time to these important tasks. Business […]

Take Your Business to The Next Level with Outsourced Business Process Management

Many modern and forward thinking businesses are outsourcing their business process management needs, and with good reason. The time of merely having a superior product or […]

Grow Your Business with An Outsourced and Professional Call Centre

The time of merely having a better and more superior product or service guaranteeing the success of one’s business is well and truly over. With so […]

Why It Pays To Invest in BPM Solutions for Your Modern Company

Business process outsourcing has long been a strategic choice for modern and forward thinking businesses looking to achieve cost reductions while also improving their service quality. […]

How Your Business Can Benefit from Investing in BPO Solutions

Outsourcing isn’t about what you subtract from a business, but rather what you add to it. BPO has the ability to transform existing processes in your […]

Make A Great First Impression with Professional Call Answering Services

Oftentimes, the only direct contact customers and consumers have with companies and service providers is through their call centres. This just compounds the importance of having […]

Just What Is Outsourcing, and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

what is outsourcing? More and more companies from all sectors of the economy are turning to outsourced business process management solutions in order to operate leaner […]

Give Your Customers A Superior Call Centre Experience with Outworx

For many customers, the first and perhaps only contact they have with a company is through their call centre. It’s because of this that it is […]

Become Part of the Business Process Outsourcing Revolution

Advancements of technology and the benefits of globalization has greatly changed the way that we conduct our business today. While business was mostly conducted within the […]

UK Call Centre: Why We Outsource

Call centres are becoming increasingly popular for countries based in the UK. Call centres allow operators to accept incoming calls and make outgoing calls that allow […]

BPO – Which Jobs Are Being Outsourced?

BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing, is the process of outsourcing business functions, allowing your business to function more effectively while focusing on more important day-to-day activities. […]

What is Outsourcing?

We often get asked the question: what is outsourcing? In short, and according to the dictionary, outsourcing is defined as the following: To obtain goods or […]

How Your Business Can Benefit from Outsourcing Lead Generation

Is your sales team being frustrated in their lead generation search? If you feel your company needs more rewards and less fruitless searching, then you need […]

Why your Organisation Needs Business Process Management

Management of small businesses often needs to be everything at all times. They wear many hats, from director to mediator and human resources specialist. But what […]

The Value of BPO Outsourcing

Can your business really benefit from BPO outsourcing? More and more companies are hearing about the value of business process outsourcing, but few are aware of […]

Why should you consider business process outsourcing for payroll management?

Outworx Payroll Business Process Outsourcing Once you enlist the services of a professional business process outsourcing (BPO) firm like Outworx, you will swiftly come to understand […]

So you want to be a customer care agent?

The beginning of the year marks the beginning of new opportunities and for many people these opportunities come in the form of starting a new career. […]

Starting the New Year on the Right Foot

2015 was a great year for us at Outworx. We achieved the goals we set out for and are starting on a blank slate this year […]

3 Top Reasons to Outsource Your Call Centre

Many companies around the world, including big international corporates are opting to outsource their call centre as opposed to handling it in-house. This is done for […]

Why Outsource Your Call Center to SA?

More and more big businesses and international businesses are realising the value of outsourcing their call centre functions to South Africa. This is a result of […]

The True Value of Customer Service

In order for customers to be attracted to your business, and stay loyal to your brand, you have to be different. You need to treat customers […]

BPO Jargon Decoded

Industry jargon can be confusing, especially when you don’t have experience in that particular industry. This is the plight many companies face when outsourcing from a […]

Motivate Staff for the Last Leg of the Year

The year is almost over, those are exciting news, but a lot of people don’t feel all that excited yet because we still have some ±50 […]

Combating the Top 5 Productivity Killers

Spot time stealers that affect workers’ in the BPO industry and across other industries and stop the in time. Every job has its challenges, some are […]

Let Outworx Take Care Of Your BPO Needs

Business process outsourcing remains a popular way for businesses to take care of the details while keeping their eye on the ball. At Outworx we pride […]

The Importance of Investing In Your Employees

Investing with employees is very important. Not only is this beneficial to your company as the employees will be more productive, but this will also result […]

Investing in Call Center Solutions

For many companies, the only contact their clients and customers have with the business is through the call centre. There is never a good excuse to […]

Getting Fit as You Work at Your Desk All Day

Spring is around the corner, soon the heavy layers of clothing are going to have to come off. For those who keep irregular working hours and […]

What business processes can be outsourced?

Running a business is a full time occupation. There is no time for holidays and time off, if you don’t put in the hours, no one […]

BPO Increases Productivity in the Work Place

Motivated by a highly effective Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) plan, we aim to keep the standards of professionalism, excellence and reliability at a constant high. At […]

Getting to the root of unproductivity at work

Ever suspected that some of your employees or team players could do more than they are currently doing? Ever wondered why they are struggling to get […]


Spring is lurking in the near distance. You might think we’re pushing it a little by saying that we can feel the temperature rising, but honestly, […]

Whoops – said the call centre agent.

Every call centre has its good days. In fact most days are probably logged under the “good” category. But as with any industry there are bound […]

3 Services Small Business Should Outsource

Outsourcing can be a very helpful timesaving and money saving strategy for a company. Many large enterprises have come to rely on it, and even those […]

How technology has changed the Face of BPO

The business process outsourcing industry also known as the BPO industry has been providing businesses with great solutions to help them cut on operational costs for […]

3 Jobs You Did Not Know Could be Outsourced

Companies turn to outsourcing when they don’t have enough people to complete certain tasks or when they want to free up time so that their employees […]

3 Ways to Keep Call Centre Employees Motivated

We are almost halfway through the year and motivation reserves are slowly dwindling. Working in a call centre environment is not always fun and games. In […]

Hilarious Struggles only Call Centre Agents Will Understand

Working in the call centre industry has highs and lows. There are moments when you are just happy to be part of the industry; like knowing […]

BPO Industry Jargon Explained

Every industry has its own jargon, a language that is known by the people working in that industry, but to everyone else it is just plain […]

Traits of Successful Call Centre Agents

Top Qualities Possessed by Successful Call centre Agents Call center agents are often the very first point of contact when customers have queries about your business’ […]

3 Reasons to Outsource Your Call Centre Function

Outsourcing a business’ non-core tasks can be a great alternative, freeing up time for employees to focus on tasks that are in the area of their […]

Top 3 Contact Centre Problems

Contact centres are at the forefront of customer care, this makes it essential to make sure that this part of your business is always performing at […]

Why the English are the best in Call Centres

There are over 841 million English speaking people around the world, making English the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin. This is why […]

Our Youth –The Answer to Today’s Challenges | Outworx

The youth of 1976 fought for equality in education and they were victorious. They stood bravely against the then Apartheid government. 39 years later we are […]

Deciding which tasks are worth outsourcing

In a perfect world we should go to work to do only the tasks that excite us and those that we can do exceptionally well because […]

Why SMEs Should Outsource From the Get-Go

The idea of having your own business and having total creative control and independence can be exciting, but soon reality catches up with you and you […]

Must Have Call Centre Technology Items

The call centre industry, like other industries has grown and evolved over the years, and so did the technology that is used in this industry. Today […]

3 Trends in the South African Customer Care Industry

The South African customer care industry has grown steadily over the years and has also evolved and diversified greatly, from handling basic customer care queries and […]

The Answer to Our High Youth Unemployment Rate

The call centre industry could be the answer to South Africa’s sky-high youth unemployment rate. The South African BPO industry is growing and maturing, with more […]

Two Big Challenges in Business Process Outsourcing

The main fear or risk that has been a worry for companies considering outsourcing business processes has been the theft of data. However, there are more […]

Call Centre Outsourcing South African VS. India

The business process outsourcing industry is its peak, with more countries competing for a piece of the market share. As infrastructure development is rapidly improving, the […]

The Rise of Business Process Outsourcing in SA

Business process outsourcing is a competitive industry and has grown rapidly over the years in South Africa and around the world. More and more businesses are […]

Vocal Biometric Authentication -The Future

Customers are usually faced with the time consuming challenge of answering an elaborate list of questions to authenticate their identity when they call various customer service […]

The Day of the Demanding Consumer

We are living in the digital age and consumers demand more attention now than they ever have before. They want answers and they want them now. […]

The First Outworx Football Tournament

On Saturday the 9th of May 2015, Outworx hosted its very first football tournament. We all got to know each other better in a more relaxed […]

The Outworx Difference

The South African business process outsourcing industry has grown more and more competitive over the years and with so many developments in technology things are more […]

The Easter Weekend – that time of year again!

April is usually a busy and exciting month, for children and adults – and everyone stuck in between. There are several public holidays and long weekends, […]

Getting Into The Spirit Of The Cricket World Cup

Outworx is helping employees get into the spirit of the Cricket World Cup with an exciting competition developed to spur on teambuilding and interaction in a […]

Win A Dream Holiday With Outworx

Everyone dreams of taking a holiday to an exciting destination, creating memories with loved ones in an exotic locale while exploring a new place. Many people, […]

Why Opt For an Outsourced Call Centre Solution?

More and more businesses are outsourcing their call centers to the experts. Instead of trying to raise an internal department from the ground on up, these […]

Build Your Business With UK Call Centres

Don’t get sucked into the labyrinth of trying to raise an internal call centre department in-house. Unless you are a very big company that can justify […]

Move Your Business With Business Process Outsourcing

Forward thinking businesses know the true value of cutting edge business process outsourcing. Any small business owner knows that their most valuable asset, aside from their […]

Choose a BPO Service Provider for Your Company

Enlisting the services of a BPO vendor can be a great benefit to a business, it can save you a lot of money thus freeing up […]

Does Your Business Need BPO Services?

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services are the way of the present and the future. These services can save your company time and money. There are various […]

The Future of Call Centres

The Future of Call Centres Call centres have been around for many years and have had to adapt to various trends and changes in the way […]

Key Qualities of a Call Centre Agent

Key Qualities of a Call Centre Agent Working as a call centre agent is quite a specialised occupation – not a lot of people have the […]

Benefits of Outsourcing

The Benefits of Outsourcing As your company grows, chances are you’re starting to think about the possibility of outsourcing some of your services. Sales and technical […]

Outworx Reaches Out

What is a call centre if not a micro community? A team of individuals united in the goal of providing the best possible service and through […]


You know the old saying “All work and no fun, makes Jack a dull boy”? At Outworx we’ve taken this expression to heart; and while our […]

Valentines with Outworx

This time the fun was all in house It’s either your favourite day of the year, or your worst, but here at Outworx we had a […]

Tips for Good Business Etiquette

Before we begin it is important that everyone understands exactly what business etiquette is. In a nutshell good business etiquette is knowing, observing and implementing the […]

How to Grow Your Small Business with Social Media

4 key moves towards getting your business out there. What a great feeling – you’ve finally realised your idea, and it is now a real, tangible […]

What Outworx Can Add to Your Business

Outworx is a group of seasoned professionals who is passionate about providing industry with reputable and value-adding business process outsourcing solutions. We work hard to offer […]

Why BPO is Important for Company Strategy

How outsourcing maximises key focus. BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing, is essentially the act of commissioning a company which specialises in back office solutions, for example, […]

Dazzling Durban

Why this little city has a completely unique energy. While Cape Town often gets all the attention, Durban is a sleek and fun-filled little city with […]

Is Technology Today Really That Innovative?

A comparison between 20th and 21st Century progress. The speed of technological progress of the 21st century is undeniable. It seems that as soon as you […]

Up in the Cloud

How cloud technology could greatly benefit call centres. It’s not a new idea by any means – in fact, cloud technology has been helping contact centres […]

Dress for Success in the Workplace

How to dress for work even when there is no dress code While three-piece suits and elaborate dresses were the office norm just a few short […]

The Benefits of Outsourcing for Business

Some of the ways that outsourcing can help your business. Often companies that are starting to grow find that they are expanding beyond their capabilities. These […]

Why BPO Works

The advantages of Business Process Outsourcing. Many people think of outsourcing as removing parts of a company, but the truth is that outsourcing adds invaluable benefits […]

Staying Motivated at Work

It is a well known fact that motivated employees are more productive and energetic when performing work tasks. More often than not that motivation encourages others […]

How Technology Effects Business Communication

When you take into consideration the type of communication technology people use in their everyday business environment, it is easy to see how businesses are able […]

Outsourcing the Four Questions You Should Ask

It is not a cop-out taking on business process outsourcing, if anything it means you is passionate enough about your business to take the necessary steps […]