South Africa

Development, Innovation and Expansion

The pinnacle of economic infrastructure across the African continent, South Africa represents development and innovation. This emerging market is constantly expanding, and offers a great deal of promise on a global scale. There are few places across the globe better suited to business process outsourcing and call centre services.

Offering a world-class infrastructure, constant innovation, and flourishing financial and telecommunication development, South Africa is burgeoning on prominence. South Africa is becoming the most popular investment and trade destination globally because it is able to meet all individual trade and investment requirements.

Investment Incentives

South Africa encourages community growth and has recently introduced a legislation promoting world-class skill and training, rapidly expanding the country’s trade and middle-class growth. For large companies looking to invest in Africa, South Africa is the ideal location.

The South African government offers a multitude of investment incentives that have been put into place to encourage investment activity and international trade opportunities. Apart from the exciting business infrastructure, South Africa has countless inspiring attractions.

Tourist Attractions

Africa’s “Big Five”, namely the lion, the elephant, the buffalo, the rhinoceros, and the leopard, are the countries pride and joy. You are able to witness these creatures roaming the savannah in many of South Africa’s awe-inspiring nature reserves.

Table Mountain is one of the most definitive examples of South African landscape, and sits serenely above the city of Cape Town. This mountain, with a plateau stretching for three kilometres across its top, is considered to be one of the oldest mountains in the world and stands as a monument to South Africa’s rich and long history.

With so many influential authors, artists, and notable figures having been born in South Africa, its culture is unique and extensive. The museums across the country are full of cultural icons, all of which are testament to South Africa’s development. With modern arts and culture meeting their traditional roots, South Africa is a melting pot of creative fusion, which is absolutely infectious.

Choose South Africa for your call centre and business process outsourcing?

South Africa offers a wide range of incentives for you and your business, especially when you partner with a call centre and BPO service provider like Outworx who has an established presence in the country and years of experience in providing industry leading call centre and BPO services to a wide range of industries.

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