One of the keys to successfully outsourcing your sales is to make sure that you find the right company for the job. Since sales are the life blood of any business it is critical that you make sure that you are using a BPO services provider that knows what they are doing. We provide the sales agents and support staff that are experts in their field. This allows you to achieve the best results.


We understand that it is essential to consistently deliver sales and service in a high quality and compliant manner. To ensure that this is achieved we can supply the structure to assist in validating and verifying all manner of your customer transactions. 3rd Party Verification, Secret Shopper, NPS and CSAT analysis can also be carried out in line with your internal KPI’s.

Lead Generation

Every successful sales acquisition campaign needs high quality data to ensure the best conversions are achieved. We can generate this data for you at a cost that fits your overall CPA. All types of leads are generated, all opted in and always in a compliant manner. Branded Leads, Non Branded Opt in, Hotkeys, Live Transfers for all verticals are possible dependent on your requirements.

Value Add

We can develop, create and execute Upsell and Cross-Sell campaigns designed to specifically target a chosen demographic of your customer base and promote the right service additions available to them. This targeted approach will ensure that your customer receives value for money and you increase your overall CLV.

Customer Services

Our clients understand that while delivering excellent customer service is one of the key ingredients for repeat business, it’s that special personal relationship with the customer and the agent that provides the link between customer satisfaction and customer retention, our staff understand that this must be viewed as the first step in the journey of loyalty. Our clients agree that businesses should be built around delivering excellent customer service; at Outworx we can assist your business in achieving this important objective through BPO services.

Welcome Calling

When a new customer starts with your business, it is important they feel welcomed and that they have made the right decision in taking your service or product. A Welcome Call campaign is an important part of the ‘on boarding’ process. It ensures that your customer is aware of all services provided, it identifies and irons out any potential early life issues and also re-enforces your brand.


‘It takes more money to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one’ – this is an old but very true fact, with market places becoming increasingly competitive it is vital that you have a great retention strategy which can be delivered efficiently. Pre-Live Loss, Early Life Cancellation and Disconnection, Winback and Potential Churn management are all campaigns and processes that we can assist in development and delivery for you.

Choose BPO Services from an industry leader

When choosing Outworx for your BPO services, you know you are getting nothing less than the absolute best in the industry. Through our years of experience, noteworthy client retention and our dedication to remaining the industry leader, Outworx has the team and know-how to lead your business into the future.