Outsourcing Business process management has advantages for a range of businesses across every industry, these are some of the more prominent industries that we have had the privilege to work with over the years.


Outworx has the experience to sell, service, and manage your policy holders to provide an exceptional customer experience. The rise of customers using the internet has dramatically changed the way customers learn about and buy insurance. It has created a very savvy buyer with access to more insurance options and more direct distribution channels.

As a result, profit margins are shrinking, lower conversion rates are making acquisition targets more difficult to acheive and the cost to retain customers is increasing. So, as the insurance industry strives to grow in a very competitive market, it is important, at a minimum, to maintain your top line, while reducing overall costs. Outworx has the experience and resources you need to achieve this through our services such as Business process management.

Broadband Internet

The market penetration for Broadband use has grown significantly. As a result, there is fierce competition among providers to provide excellent customer service to retain existing customers. In an effort to provide consumers with all of their communication needs, many providers are offering triple and quadruple play offerings (Broadband, Landline, TV and Mobile).

This is making customer interactions more complex than ever before. The agents and systems required to support these interactions need to be highly integrated and flexible. Outworx has the proven capabilities that companies require to manage increasingly complex interactions with Broadband customers. From upsell and cross sell to customer service and technical support, Outworx is a ‘one stop shop’ for all types of customer contacts required to maintain and grow your customer base.


Outworx offers services across all areas of your business, from customer care, to supply chain support, to social media monitoring and response to sales, including up-selling and cross-selling. Increasing revenues while reducing costs helps retailers meet tough targets while also creating brand ambassadors.


Everyone will tell you that new customers are harder to come by. Telecommunication companies are now more focused on retaining their existing customers and growing their existing bases by offering new services to reduce churn. In addition, they concentrate on creating brand loyalty, rather than the forced loyalty created by contracts, to increase customer acquisition rates and referrals.

In this highly competitive market, companies are fighting to provide the required customer experience necessary to grow and retain existing customers but in a more cost effective manner. Through Business process management, Outworx can help design and execute campaigns focused on increasing and retaining your customer base.

Media and Publishing

Outworx provides end-to-end customer service for media companies, through leading technologies combined with our deep industry experience, to create more valuable customer relationships for clients. Outworx delivers companies the high-quality agents they need to create a superior customer experience. Service offerings include acquisition, customer care, growth, collections and technical support services.