Why Durban Works for Outsourcing

Emerging Market and World Class Acumen

Durban is home to a highly promising and rapidly emerging market, expanding in many spheres. Boasting innovative development and world-class acumen, Durban is poised to become a powerhouse for business infrastructure in South Africa. This is why Outworx chose this location to be the spearhead of its BPO services in South Africa.

Neutral Accent

South Africa is an ideal market for contact centres for many reasons, the first of which pertains to the South African accent. As opposed to other locations, such as those in Asia, South Africa (specifically Durban) offers a fairly neutral accent, which caters perfectly to servicing the United Kingdom and Australia.

Cost-Effective Quality BPO Services

With the global economy in its current state, South Africa offers an ideal situation for overseas business. The lower cost of living in South Africa makes it possible to garner great savings, making it possible for companies to lower their budget without having to sacrifice any quality whatsoever. Being located in South Africa has the added advantage of creating more job opportunities for South Africans, which can only work to improve the economy as a whole.

Principles and Work Ethic

South Africans are renowned for their work ethic and inherent friendliness, meaning customers can expect faultless service when dealing with South African call agents and BPO services.

Closely Aligned Time Zone

With a time zone only two hours ahead of GMT, Durban is very closely aligned with the United Kingdom. This means that operatives work similar hours to the customers whom they are servicing. This similarity also means that travelling time between the UK and Durban is minimised, and important work hours are not lost due to travel.

With a united team, comprised of international and South African specialists, Outworx delivers impeccable service to its customers.

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